AX-12+ compatible?

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Hi all, this is my first post in this forum
I am trying to design a custom robot based on CM550 as controller. I wish to know if CM 550 is compatible to work with AX-12+
Thanks in advance


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The CM-550 is not compatible with AX-12+, and in general not compatible with Protocol 1 DXLs such as AX-18 also. The CM-550 works with Protocol 2 DXLs only such as XL-430. Pricewise, a new AX-12A costs the same as a new XL-430.

Or if you know Arduino, you can try the new OpenRB-150 which is compatible with both Protocol 1 and Protocol 2.

The DYNAMIXEL XL-320 should work? Price is very attractive

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OOPS! It looks like that I missed that one. The XL-320 is not truly Protocol 2.0