Balancing a Robot on One Wheel with James Bruton!

Hello everyone,

I found another new video from YouTuber James Bruton, check out his channel below!

The latest video goes over the design and build process of one of the coolest robots I’ve seen to date! The latest robot he’s featuring today is a design that many might think improbably or even impossible- a single-wheeled balancing robot!

This is absolutely an impressive design to realize using household robotics components, and uses a DYNAMIXEL to control two sets of gyroscopically-balancing flywheels to keep the robot from falling in the left/right and forward/backward directions. Near the end of the video you can see the completed robot even standing on its own!

Innovative designs like this are one of the most exciting ways the robotics field will continue to advance, and I look forward to seeing what new balancing robots will be designed!

What do you think- is a single wheel a practical way to move a robot? Let’s discuss here!


I love his videos, this particular one reminds me of a Claptrap!
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