Connection of XW series in parallel

Hello everyone,
Kindly assist me with connecting the new XW series. I realised that it has only 1 cable as compared to the XH series that has 2 cables; 1 for power and 1 for transmission. In the case of 4 XW motors, what is the best way to connect them?
Thank you

Connecting them to an Expansion Board would be the easiest way to connect multiple XW servos on a single network.

hello Jonathon,
Thank you for your response. In that case, will the expansion board need to be connected to another controller and power board? If yes, kindly recommend the type of controller and power boards for me. Thank you

You can use any controller and power supply you’d like with the hub board set. I would recommend starting with the DYNAMIXEL Starter Set as it includes everything you need to operate your DYNAMIXELs from your PC.