Control dynamixel XL320 motors with OpenCM9 and Arduino IDE

I am trying to control dynamixel XL320 motors using OpenCM 9.04 and arduino ide. I have tried to run the example codes from the Dynamixel2Arduino library but nothing works. I have also tried modifying the example codes, it does not work. It is worth noting that it works with the legacy Robotis ide but I am working with several other sensors not supported by that IDE, that is why I want to use the arduino IDE. Please I need some ideas resolving this.


Dynamixel XL320 Servo

DYNAMIXEL Controller:

OpenCM 9.04

Software Interface:

Arduino IDE

Can you share a picture of how the XL-320s and other sensors are hooked up to the OpenCM-904 and how everything is powered? What is the QC number on the label on the back side of the 904? And are you using the 485-EXP expansion board? Are you using Serial2 for some peripherals?

Which Arduino IDE are you using? V.1 or V.2?

It would be best if you can share your Arduino sketch also.

This code worked OK for me: