Create Complex Robots without Coding with SYNTHIAM ARC Software

Programming is easily one of the biggest challenges faced by beginning roboticists looking to make their own project. As part of an incredibly diverse and growing field there are very few standards in robotics regarding recommended programming languages, or usage environments, that have been tested for general consumer use. In order to work with a robot, or make your own robot, one typically needs to know programming in one way or another- C, C++, C#, Python, Java, LabVIEW, etc- the list goes on. However, not all people are interested in programming and it can be a significant time investment to learn.

This is where Synthiam’s ARC (Autonomous Robot Control) software comes in- ARC is a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface for your Windows computer, which can then be used to connect to your robot and download different pre-made “skills” that can be added on to your project. Check out their intro video here:

The Skills are particularly useful because they can unlock advanced functions of your robot, or sensors without having to program the functions yourself. Get the benefit of advanced sensors like 3D RGBD cameras, LiDAR, and operate hardware like servos all using your mouse!

See more about Skills here:

Even better, Synthiam offers a dedicated Skill for control and operation of DYNAMIXEL smart servos! Designed to be compatible with a number of our most popular models, Synthiam ARC can empower your robotics project with expert-level control resources combined with a low barrier to entry.

I personally think that software like this Synthiam ARC will be increasingly important in the future as more and more people are exposed to robotics in their daily lives. What do you think? Let’s talk!