Dishcare : Autonomous Dishwasher

Partner Spotlight : dishcare

This robotic application was entirely created, developed, and produced by our partner dishcare, featuring our X-series DYNAMIXEL smart actuators.

Don’t want to do the dishes? Break free from loading & putting the dishes away!

Autonomous Multi-Grasp of Dishes

Dishcare is an autonomous dishwasher for every office. It is powered by a robot arm designed to handle multiple dish types; AI perception and planning modules that see and understand dishes; and by pressure jets that target dirt to save energy and water. You can drop soiled dishes in Dishcare, like you would in a kitchen sink. Dishcare picks dishes up, cleans, and organizes them for you. Break free from loading and putting the dishes away! Learn more from our 7 pending patents and check out our videos to see how Dishcare is coming to life. Reserve yours at

All credit goes to dishcare