Dr R gets some surgery done

I have made a few modifications to Dr R.

He how has more human like arms. The shoulder joint now has 3 DOF, forward/backward, up/down and rotation. Waist still has 2DOF and head also 2DOF but now the head has pan and tilt rather than roll and tilt as the build in the instructions.

My 7yr son though I was a way cool Dad for building a robot with a Batman chest plate :innocent:

I have some computer vision ideas that I want to try on him. I am going to try putting the CM-550 in to manage mode and run all code from my PC

I want to be able to control DR-R by just moving my body and me will follow.

I can do body pose estimation from a video stream in real time at about 30FPS. This give me 3d points of all the joints in the video stream. I now have to get my head around all the 3d vector math to be able to do the inverse keimatics to send to the robot.

see the video of real time body pose estimation https://youtu.be/bZW8jCHSy2I

Hi @Out_of_the_BOTS and thanks for sharing this awesome update! I think itโ€™s an impressive demonstration of the pose estimation- is this running on the onboard smartphone, or is it another computer / SBC?

Itโ€™s exciting to see your work so far with the Dr. R robot! Please do keep us updated as you continue with the project :slight_smile: .

Yes the pose estimation is running on a PC and I will run the CM-550 in manger mode (as a slave device) so that my PC not only does the pose estimation but also sets the servos using the dynamixel python API https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelSDK/tree/master/python