Dynamixel Arduino shield integration with an ESP32 instead of Arduino microcontroller

Good day, I’m looking for a way to integrate a Dynamixel Arduino Shield with an ESP32, Is that possible to do? If Yes, How?

Thank you


I did try the ESP32 and ESP32-S3 back in early 2023, and I was successful for a period of 6 months, then Arduino and ESP32 got updated, and now I cannot make them work for me anymore, and I am working on other projects for now - so I am not actively researching these problems - something with not being able to get into half-duplex mode I think. Maybe you can figure it out, have you seen my older posts?

Thanks for the help @roboteer , I think I might find something, by the way My Dynamixel Shield is not the MKR shield its the Arduino shield, see the picture I attached, will it still work with an ESP32?


You can try.
So far I had found that Arduino2Dynamixel library does not work properly on ESP32 somehow after the mid 2023 upgrade. I don’t think that the problem is with the DXL Shields.