DYNAMIXEL connection through ArduPilot

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Hardware Description

XM 430-W350t and Pixhawk 6 C.
Robotis Servos — Copter documentation

Issue Description

Control of Dynamixel using ardupilot is still available in ArduCopter V4.2.3 or above?
Robotis Servos — Copter documentation

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DYNAMIXEL control is available on all ArduCopteer versions higher than 4.0

Thank you !
If the Servox_function is diabled, does it work? or do I need to give an actual function,
Is there any way that I can check the connection with the pixhawk?

Unfortunately, I’m not very knowledgeable about the general use of Ardupilot of PixHawk flight controllers.

I would recommend asking over at the ArduPilot Forum to receive some assistance from someone more knowledgeable about this use case.

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