Dynamixel Error (Protocol 1.0)

using Dynamixel MX-64, i was running a test program got from GitHub - ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelSDK: ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK (Protocol1.0/2.0) in ros but am getting the error as below:-

[RxPacketError] Out of range error!

i have made the required changes to baud rate, protocol version and other parameters but the eroor still persists.

Any idea what the error is and anyway to fix it?

This error indicates that your script is trying to write too large of a value into a particular register.

You mentioned that you changed some of the sketch parameters, but could you confirm if you adjusted the control table register values for your particular servo model? If you could let me know what specific example sketch you are running that may also allow me to provide better assistance.