Dynamixel motors with ros_control and external potentiometers

Hi We are currently working on a dexterous hand project, where we are using Dynamixel XC330-M288-T actuators. For this we would like to control the motors using current-pased position control, however since we use flexible tendons for transmission we want to use the external potentiometers in the joints instead of the built-in motor encoders. We want to be able to use the moveit packages to control the robot. How should we go about creating the hardware_interface with ros_control? Should we create our own controller or can we use the effort_joint_controller in ROS? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Anders


Thank you for your interest in ROBOTIS products, and welcome to the ROBOTIS community forum!

This software support forum is for requesting assistance with ROBOTIS provided software solutions such as DYNAMIXEL Wizard or the DYNAMIXEL SDK.

For ROS specific questions, such as this inquiry about implementing custom robot control packages ROBOTIS recommends that you post your query directly on ROS’ Community Forum.