Dynamixel Wizard does not recognize device in Ubuntu

I have the Dynamixel Robot Actuator servos.
Then i got the Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 software.

The servos are not recognized under Ubuntu Linux 20.0.
The scan results all output “Connection Failed”. Keep in mind that the port exists - it can see the port called “ttyUSB0 (USB - Serial Converter)”.
However, the software in Windows can see the servos.

I have to make them work under Linux. Does anyone know why i cannot make the software see them?

Have you added your user to the dialout group necessary for USB port access? Without that, you will not have the correct permissions in order to open the serial connection over the USB port.

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Hi, we are having the same problem, we have even added the user to the dialout group but it did not solve the problem, on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS and using a USB2AX v3.2b, motors are energized and are recognized on a windows machine and the ttyACM0 (USB2AX) is recognized by the dynamixel wizard


I don’t know if this applies to your situation or not, but I had a similar problem on a Jetson Nano, and I had to change ownership on these tty ports, EACH TIME that I log in or disconnect from that tty port.

I had to issue this command: sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB1 (for example).