Dynamixel XL430 W250T not reaching goal position

Using the XL430 W250T

Hello. I am using the servo in position mode and it’s never reaching the position I want it to exactly.
If I provide a goal position of 1045, then it reaches 1040. Sending it back to 500, then it only reaches 510.
I applied the Moving Threshold to 0 as mentioned here and I validated that it was set correctly. Dynamixel XL430-W250 does not reach goal position - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum
But this hasn’t worked.

I have purchased the XC equivalent to this servo in the hopes that it will move to the exact position because I am really running out of options.

I want to use this servo for a commercial product.

I have been informed on a Discord channel that I should tune the PID gain. I bought the module to interface with the computer and the servo so I can use the gui to fine tune. If this fixes the problem, I will update this.