DYNAMIXEL XW Waterproof Series Poster

DYNAMIXEL XW Series: Product Page/ Purchase Here

DYNAMIXEL XW series are ROBOTIS’ first line of IP Level models, featuring a certified IP68 (1m, 24hr) rating and are designed for use in wet environments, underwater, and any outdoor applications where a sealed servo is necessary.

  • XW series come with separate waterproof cable and extension cable.
  • 6 Operating Modes (Torque Control, Velocity Control, Position Control, Extended Position Control, Current based Position Control, PWM Control)

  • Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning

  • Improved Heat Sink Featuring an Aluminum Case

  • Easy and Simple Assembly Structure

  • Energy Saving (Reduced Current from 100mA to 40mA)

  • 31% reduced volume compared to the MX-28