Dynup: Dynamic Standing Motions for Humanoid Robots (ROS project)

Hey roboticists,

I ran across an interesting quick video that I thought would be interesting for anyone working with humanoid robots- “Fast and Reliable Stand Up Motions for Humanoid Robots” which demonstrates a team’s project to create robust recovery motions for the common problem of a fallen humanoid bot.

While it’s a short video, it definitely demonstrates an effective and reliable standing motion with the robot in the video (which looks to be a modified version of an OP2 possibly). In addition, the team’s site talks more about their project and development here:


The team’s site includes links to their GitHub with code, and contact information if you’d like to learn more about the project. Hopefully this project helps more roboticists working with humanoid platforms keep them on their feet! Let us know what you think about this project below!

If the project really takes off, maybe we’ll see less of this :wink: :

robot fail GIF