Encoder for dynamixel xc430 changed after crash

Hello. I am using the XC430, and some other Dynamixel XC series motors, and I had a crash when rotating the servo. Now the encoder seems to be wrong… I can just adjust the positions I used to compensate with the encoder changes, but is there a way I can reset the encoder somehow?

The DYNAMIXEL Wizard configuration software has a calibration tool that should take care of this issue for you.

It’s not so convenient for me to get the servos connected to my PC with the way the machine is configured, sadly.
But this would indicate there’s the possibility to do it through the registers?

I will read through the guide you posted anyway and see if it relates to anything in the documentation for the servo.

Thanks, Jon.

I believe the Homing Offset should achieve this in the control table?

Yes, the homing offset would work as a way to compensate for the encoder misalignment, if it’s not practical to disassemble the mechanism.

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