Error code 32 from over torquing in Current Based Position Control Mode

We are utilizing your Dynamixel XM430-W350-R actuators and running into a bit of a problem.

Set in Current Based Position Control Mode, we are setting the motors to apply a torque of 0.5*max_torque (into ADDR_GOAL_CURRENT) then commanding a position. For some reason, during operation, some of the motors are over torquing themselves (more than the total max of the motors?) and faulting with error code 32 “Detects that persistent load that exceeds maximum output.” Is there any way we can disable this from happening? We are not very worried about overheating or anything like that, as we are not holding the torque for that long. If there is just a command we can send to a register to make sure this does not happen, that would be great.

Note the ADDR_CURRENT_LIMIT is still set to max, so we should not get over ADDR_GOAL_CURRENT is we are set to 0.5* or 0.3*. Thus, I have no idea why it is faulting.