Google ROBEL: Robotic Benchmarks with Low-Cost Robots

Hey everyone,

I’d like to share a link to one of my favorite projects featuring DYNAMIXEL- Google ROBEL: Robotic Benchmarks for Learning with Low-Cost Robots

I find the ROBEL project interesting because it focuses on machine-learning behaviors based on the standardized hardware of DYNAMIXEL. Using the 3 reference structures, researchers are able to perform rapid experiments in reinforcement learning and control theory. Thanks to the standardized designs, it is easy to swap out hardware when needed to make for an overall low-cost robot compared to many industrial robots used for similar research.

Pictured: D’Kitty, D’Claw, and D’Lantern reference robots (Left->right)

I haven’t had the opportunity to build one yet myself, but I want to pet D’Kitty!

Which figure is your favorite? Let me know what you think!