Hexapod Robot Control, Balancing and Climbing Vertical Walls!

Hey roboticists! Let’s check out a featured hexapod robot coming from the UCLA RoMeLA lab: SiLVIA (Six Legged Vehicle with Intelligent Articuluation). Thanks to its long legs and high-powered servos, SiLVIA is able to scale vertical walls while holding its body in place between two surfaces! Check out the video showing SiLVIA climbing below:

As you can see in the video, SiLVIA uses its onboard computer to plan its trajectories before moving with great results!

In addition, the team behind SiLVIA have released a research paper with their research which you can check out at the following link!

To learn more about SiLVIA, and other robot projects coming out of the UCLA RoMeLa labs, visit their site here!


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