Homemade Robotic Cartridge Sorter using AX-12A

Hey everyone,

I have another great project I’d like to share with you from the creator Corgitronics on YouTube! This channel documents a variety of niche electronic projects and offers some basic tutorial as well.
Today I’d like to showcase their DYNAMIXEL robo-sorter, which they created to sort used ammunition cartridges by size and height into the correct category of caliber.

It’s a great example of using simple and low-cost hardware to implement a creative solution! Using the DYNAMIXEL AX-12A, multiple stages in the machine measure the width and then height of the incoming pieces.


By comparing the obtained measurements, the robo-sorter then determines the appropriate bucket to drop each piece into. With everything controlled by a Raspberry Pi running Python, it’s an all-in-one, self-contained system!


Given the rising cost of materials and the time-consuming challenge normally posed by the task, it’s another good example of using robotic harware to improve daily chores. What daily chores would you have robots take over for you?