How to interface ROS with MCUs (OPENRB-150, UNO board + Shield)

I have an OPENRB-150 and an arduino UNO with Dynamixel Shield, and few Dynamixel motors. I looked through several tutorials such as using Dynamixel Shield and OPENRB-150 with Arduino IDE, as well as using Dynamixel SDK with U2D2 to control Dynamixel motors.

I would like to interface at least one of these microcontrollers with ROS Noetic. I figured that rosserial can be used to interface UNO board with ROS, and DynamixelShield and Dynamixel2Arduino libraries can be used to interface MCUs with motors.

However, I can’t grasp a control scheme for serial communication between ROS, MCUs, and motors. I would like to know how this can be done, whether Dynamixel SDK can be used here.

Personally I do not use ROS, so I have not tried this solution myself!

But the key idea is this: the OpenRB-150 has the same MCU (SAMD21) as the Arduino MKR ZERO, and this GITHUB web site may have what you need - essentially a SAMD21 compatible ROSSERIAL library - which seemed to use USBSERIAL.

Also, I found this link

Good Luck with your project.