I cannot control Dynamixel in Current Control Mode

The product is XM430-W210. I change the Operating Mode of Dynamixel to Current Control Mode (parameter: 0) and write the command value to Goal Current (parameter: 102).

The source code is the Dynamixel SDK example code linked below with rewritten parameters.
Dynamixel SDK example code

Specifically, the following parameters were rewritten. Dynamixel with Operating Mode of Current Control is attached to ID:1, and Dynamixel with Operating Mode of Velocity Control is attached to ID:2.


#define BAUDRATE 1000000


When I change the Operating Mode of Dynamixel and Write to Goal Velocity (parameter: 104) or Goal Position (parameter: 116), it runs. Current Control (Parameter: 102) is not working.

Am I using Current Control incorrectly?

the length of goal current(102) is 2 byte.
Please try again with the following changes.

#define LEN_PRO_GOAL_POSITION 4 ==> 2

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Thank you. A problem I had been thinking about for a long time was solved in an instant.

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Sounds great. ^^
It would be nice if you could show us what you make at your convenience.

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