Input voltage error for X-series motor

Hi, I am a newbie for robotis servo motor.

I purchased U2D2, DYNAMIXEL XC330-M288-T and DYNAMIXEL XL330-M288-T from robotis. When i tried to use DYNAMIXEL wizard to assign iD to the motors, I can scan and find the motor, change its id. But I keep getting input voltage error. That happened to all the motors i have purchased. How can I correct this issue? Do you think it is due to the malfunction of U2D2?



Did you use 5V as input voltage to both XC330 and XL330?

Thanks. After I switched to 5V, the issue is solved. I used U2D2 Power Hub Board to connect to U2D2. I was mislead by the video on youtube to use 12V with U2D2 Power hub board. Is 12V used for old model?

Most Robotis actuators run on 11-12 V. The 330 series run at 5V, while the XL-320 runs at 7.5 V. Always refer to the Robotis e-manual for appropriate usage.