Is multi turn in XC430-W150-T is endless or limited?

Hello, I have some question about Dynamixel, especially XC430-W150-T version.

Below is the e-manual of XC430-W150-T motor.

In manual, the extended position mode is supported, but only for -256~256 revolution limitation.

I am trying to use it in endless spining with requiring precision position control, so 256 revolution limitation is critical to my usage.

Is there any method I can avoid 256 revolution limitation? In other motor, there is an endless rotation mode but I am curious why there is such a 256 revolution limitation.

Thank you
Jongwon Lee

During continuous spin mode you can still monitor the current Goal Position. Is that what you need?

The limitation is due to the size limitation on the memory register used to store position information.

As Roboteer mentioned, the position is still monitored when used in velocity controlled modes. If you need truly continuous rotation past 256 consecutive revolutions then using velocity controlled mode and monitoring current position would be a possible solution.

Otherwise, you can pause the DYNAMIXEL when it gets near 256 rotations and send a Clear command to reset the turn count to 0 before continuing your rotation.