Low Cost Robot Arm


Project Description:

The repository demonstrates the creation of a low-cost robot arm costing around $250, and an additional arm costing about $180. The arms, suitable for robot learning and capable of folding clothes, use Dynamixel XL430 and XL330 servo motors. A cheaper adapter board is used instead of Dynamixel’s U2D2 adapter to connect the servos to a computer, reducing cost and latency. The robot arm can be controlled with the Dynamixel SDK. The design is built with 3D printable parts; for the follower arm, the total cost is $258. Assembly involves 3D printing of parts, scanning and setting motors, assembling the arm, and adjusting voltage. A leader arm can also be assembled, costing around $183 in total. A basic simulation environment in MuJoCo for the robot arm is available for testing. This project, funded by the Toyota Research Institute, is expected to be presented at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan.



Resources and Documentation: