Making Dynamixel Motor driver for OpenJigWare(in private)

I keep making a Open Source library “OpenJigWare”.
still making it.
Anybody can tell me about this video?
I hope it becomes perfect library.( I need your advise :slight_smile: )



How many motors can you plug in?

I think 253 … more?
I still cannot try it. because I don’t have lots of motors.
But i think I can control more.
My motor driver can group all communication connections.
That’s why i say like that.

Thanks for the response can I try this with Ordoid XU4 Ubuntu 16.04 and USB2AX? Please let me know I can give a test result on 25 AX 18 servos.

woops… My library(dll) is working on Windows only(with Visual studio C#)
of course all ax series are working.