MATLAB Robot Manipulator Walkthrough & Algorithms with OpenManipulator-X

Hey everyone, to kick off our week I wanted to share a great video from MATLAB walking through resources MATLAB and Simulink offer to control and simulate manipulator arms!

For the video, the team at MATLAB uses the ROBOTIS OpenManipulator-X thanks to its variety of open-source resources, and MATLAB support offered by the DYNAMIXEL SDK programming libraries.

This is a longer video for sure, but well worth it for anyone interested in using DYNAMIXELs or the OpenManipulator-X with MATLAB! The team goes into detail with motion planning, kinematics, and 3D simulation among other topics.

In addition, the description for this video contains a great deal of useful links- I’ll quote these below!

Free MATLAB Trial:
Learn more about Simulink:
You will learn how to import the geometry of a robot manipulator from a description file into a MATLAB representation as well as how to use available features, such as forward and inverse kinematics, to solve for the necessary robot configurations to reach a point in space and follow a desired trajectory. In addition, Jose and Sebastian cover how to import your robot’s geometry to Simscape Multibody™ to obtain a 3D simulation environment for integrating MATLAB code, designing and verifying supervisory logic, and testing control algorithms. As a bonus, you will also see how to create robot manipulator simulations that involve perception to complete more advanced manipulation tasks.
For more information, check out the following resources: Download all template and example files on the MATLAB Central File Exchange:
Find out more about programming robots in MATLAB and Simulink:
Learn more about inverse kinematics (IK) algorithm design for robot manipulator:
Visit blog pages on robot manipulator kinematics and dynamics:…
Try Robotics System Toolbox:
Try other resources that use MATLAB and Simulink for robotics:…

What do you think of these MATLAB resources for simulating your robotic arm? Are there other simulation environments you all enjoy? Let us know below!