Move xc430 in wheel or joint mode


What parameters should I put in the instruction packet to control XC430 in wheel mode or joint mode

Documentation on the structure of Write packets for DYNAMXIEL control is available on ROBOTIS official eManual page.

Sorry but I didn’t get results from that
Can you please give the instruction packet for this task

I have never used RAW PACKETS myself, so I don’t know if my post will help you or not. But to switch your XC-430 from Position Control to Wheel Mode needs 3 packets not just ONE as your question seemed to imply:

Step 1: TORQUE DISABLE by writing 0 to Address 64.

Step 2: Set OPERATING MODE (Address 11) to 1 to get Wheel Mode.

Step 3: REENABLE TORQUE by writing 1 to Address 64. To lock up the new setting in EEPROM.

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Please check the list below

  1. Run your dynamixel with U2D2(Link) and Wizard2.0(Link, Quick Start Video)
    Wizard2.0 supports Windows, Linux, MacOS
  2. Wheel motion sequence
    1. Operating mode : Velocity control mode(Link)
    2. Torque Enable : Torque On(Link)
    3. Gola Velocity : Set your desired speed value(Link)
  3. Packet design using Wizard2.0(Link)
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