MX-106 current control

  • I am using MX-106, protocol 2.0

  • I am using labview,

  • I am using current mode to control MX-106
    Generally, I want to using current mode to control a single link, mass=0.37kg center of mass=0.12m , I want to use torque control, and compliance control.

    one question is about N-T graph, I saw the starting point is about(0.8N.M, 0.7A), so what about the value below 0.7A, is it highly non-linear, so not shown in the N-T graph?
    second question is about current control, for example, I calculate my link torque which created by gravity around 0.44N.M, but when I using wizard 2.0 test, only 0.068A/0.2N.M can stable my link on horizontal level to resist the 0.44N.M(from gravity), I believe I missed someting, could you share some idea?
    third question is about current-base position contol, it can shown the compliance property, but I dont know what is inside of the current controller(current and pwm input), what is doing, could you show a little bit detail?

thanks a lot!!

Hi @shanghairob

The performance graph does not precisely convert the torque and current, but it is a general representation of how DYNAMIXEL behaves under certain circumstances based on the actual test result.

  1. The test result has been recorded with the most interested region of the motor.
  2. The Present Current does not directly converted to the torque. The conversion constant of the Goal Current is mA not the N.M.
  3. Unfortunately, the details of the internal controller is not disclosed, but the Current Controller regulates the final PWM value based on the Goal Current and the Goal PWM values and send it to the Inverter.

Thank you!