MX-64 current position control

  • I am using MX-106, protocol 2.0
  • I am using labview,
  • I am using current mode to control MX-106
    Generally, I want to using current mode to control a single link, mass=0.37kg center of mass=0.12m , I want to use torque control, and compliance control. one question is about N-T graph, I saw the starting point is about(0.8N.M, 0.7A), so what about the value below 0.7A, is it highly non-linear, so not shown in the N-T graph?
    second question is about current control, for example, I calculate my link torque which created by gravity around 0.44N.M , but when I using wizard 2.0 test, only 0.068A/0.2N.M can stable my link on horizontal level to resist the 0.44N.M(from gravity), I believe I missed someting, could you share some idea?
    third question is about current-base position contol, it can shown the compliance property, but I dont know what is inside of the current controller(current and pwm input) , what is doing, could you show a little bit detail?

thanks a lot!!