Naminukas - Pneumatic Multipurpose Mobile Robot

Hey everyone! Here today to share another impressive project from our network of users- Naminukas - a novel, minimalistically-designed mobile robot that accomplishes a great deal with only 4 degrees of freedom!

Naminukas can walk, roll, and use its pneumatic gripper attachments to grasp and carry objects and even climb walls! It’s fascinating to watch this minimalistic robot perform so many different tasks, and really expanded my perception of how hardware can be used unconventionally to accomplish a goal.

The Naminukas robot is actuated using DYNAMIXEL X-series, and controlled by a BeagleBone AI board running custom software. Check out the linked page for more information about this project!

What do you think the Naminukas style of robot would be best suited for? Let me know in the comments!

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