Nvidia Project Documentation: Run TB3 using Nvidia Jetson TX2 SBC!

Hey everyone,

Another cool project to share with you all today- Nvidia have posted publicly-available instructions for operating the TurtleBot3 robot platform using the Nvidia Jetson TX2!

The documentation goes through physical modifications to the TurtleBot3, 3D printing new Waffle plates to make a larger body, and the required setup to begin using ROS on the Nvidia Jetson TX2! This can be a great resource for any users looking to expand their TurtleBot3 knowledge, or use Nvidia hardware for their latest ROS project!

I would love to see more resources like this for additional SBC’s with the TurtleBot3 platform, and I’ll be sure to post more as they are released! Let us know what your favorite SBC’s and ROS platforms are- comment here or create a post in Feedback!