openCR 다이나믹셀 구동포트

안녕하세요. 터틀봇 burger을 사용하고 있는 학생입니다.
다름이 아니라 openCR보드에 터틀봇 다이나믹셀을 연결하여 모터제어를 하는데, 2개 포트는 터틀봇 바퀴의 모터제어, 남는 포트에 같은 종류의 다이나믹셀을 연결하여 제어하려하는데 제어가능할까요?

Yes, an additional DYNAMIXEL actuator can be connected to any of the available DYNAMIXEL ports on the OpenCR controller. In fact, due to DYNAMIXELs daisy chaining technology, you can even connect additional DYNAMIXELs directly to the DYNAMIXEL ports on the back of your existing actuators.

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I’m thinking of attaching the motor to two ports of the TURTLEBOT burger wheel motor and one port separately. I wonder how I can control the motor for the remaining 1 port at this time. Should I use another tool like Arduino? Or should I write a node separately? Or are you using workbench? If so, I wonder how you do it. Thank you very much for your kind reply.

It looks like that you are a first-time user of ROBOTIS Dynamixels. They are distinguished and controllable via their unique IDs, not by the physical ports that they are hooked up to.

There is a free ROS book written for the Turtle Bot that may of help to you, are you aware of it?