OpenRB-150 과 Arduino Mega를 시리얼 통신 하는 방법이 알고 싶습니다

Arduino Mega 를 이용한 제어 시스템과 OpenRB-150를 이용한 Dynamixel 모터를 이용해서 로봇을 만들려고 하는데, Arduino Mega와 OpenRB-150 사이의 통신을 어떤식으로 하는게 제일 편리하고 좋을까요

Hello JS.YOON,

Here is a helpful guide on how to implement serial communications between two Arduino microcontrollers. Although you may have to make some adjustments to the code to account for the DYNAMIXEL’s use of a serial port on the OpenRB-150.

May I ask why you are attempting to interface the OpenRB-150 and the Arduino Mega? It may be possible for you to use the Arduino Shield with your Mega to accomplish this with a single microcontroller.

Another thing to watch out for is that the UART on the Mega operates at 5 V and the OpenRB-150 UART operates at 3.3 V, so you will need to use a Level Shifter to interface between the Mega and OpenRB-150. I also think that you will be better off using the original Dynamixel Shield which operates at 5 V.