OpenRB-150 아두이노 통신

아두이노 우노와 OpenRB-150으로 통신을 주고받고 모터를 제어하고 싶은데
OpenRB-150의 통신예제가 있나요? 있으면 공유 부탁드립니다.


Are you sure that you can’t migrate everything from the Arduino Uno to the OpenRB-150? What kind of actuators are you using? Can you share that info?

One of these “convertible” cables should help:

For RS-485 actuators, you’ll also need the DXL Communication Bridge:

Anyhow, if you need to know about the UART Communication capabilities of the OpenRB-150, you can check out the FREE Kindle Sample of my recent book “Using Arduino with Robotis Systems”

It happens to show in details UART Communications Access and Programming of Serial2, Serial3, Serial4, and Serial5. Later in the same Chapter, I use these techniques to communicate between two OpenRB-150s using “wired” UART via Serial3 (but these details are not shown in the free Kindle sample).