Options for Kinect XBOX 360

I have some plans for an autonomous robot. It uses a Kinect 360. I want to change it to something better. The robot is for paranormal investigation. I had a grant to build this from the NSF then the pandemic hit and layoffs followed. Now I have to build it myself. I have never programmed anything so I’m taking YouTube classes to learn Python and ROS. The first issue I know I’ll face is this Kinect. I need to replace it with something better because the bot utilizes it to see and collect data. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I’m in Deltona, Florida if anyone is near me. Thanks.

Hi @matencio

Many developers are adopting Intel Realsense for 3D SLAM and you should be able to find abundant examples of acquiring data from the sensor.
If you haven’t had much experience in programming, this could be a painful process, but you can ask and find answers from ROS community such as https://answers.ros.org/questions/

You’ll first need to start off from selecting which ROS version you will be using, and ROS 2 Foxy could be one of the best choice.
Make sure to check all your hardware is supported / compatible with the specific ROS version you selected.

Thank you for the assistance. I’ll check into this.