Pan tilt camera 제어용 모터추천


기존에 가지고 있던 로보티즈 PM42-010-S260-R 두개로 camera를 장착하여 pan, tilt 가 되는 기구물을 제작하였습니다.

해당 모터가 오버스펙같아서 다른 기종을 찾고있는데 혹시 추천할만한 제품이 있을까요?

camera와 모터2개 기구물까지 모두 2kg정도 되고

전원이 꺼졌을 때 tilt부분이 숙여지지 않았으면 합니다

If you are planning to move a 2kg load, then the minimum I would recommend would be the XM540-W270-T/R.

This servo also won’t hold it’s position when the power is turned off, as that feature is only supported by our DYNAMIXEL Y servos with optional brakes included.

Hello. Thank you for your answer.
What kind of product would be good for a weight of about 1kg load?

I would recommend the XM430-W350 for that.

Thank you for your quick response.