Pass-Thru DXL Control by RB-100

There is an interesting feature of the RB-100 which is to send DXL Control Packets via its Bluetooth Port to an RB-88 nearby which has DXLs attached to it. In other words, the RB-100 can control a DXL which is not connected to itself (@ 703 Kbps).

The following picture describes the setup for this project:


Viewing from the bottom-right area:

  1. A CM-550 is used to provide a 12V Power Supply to a 2XL-430 with DXL IDs 11 and 12.

  2. This 2XL-430 is connected to an RB-88 via a special X3P cable that has its VDD wire cut off: this is done so that the 12V wire from the CM-550 is isolated from the DXL connector on the RB-88 which is supposed to handle only 4.5~5V.

  3. The RB-88 also has an XL-330 hooked to its other DXL connector as normal. This XL-330 happens to have ID=11 also.

  4. The RB-88 is set into its MANAGE mode, and it is connected via BLE to the RB-100 which actually runs the R-BLOCK program described below.

In the video below, you are going to see that both DXLs with the ID=11 are controlled at the same time. This means that once DXL packets are sent out by RB-100 via BLE, they are propagated within the physical RB-88 DXL Network until the designated DXLs with the proper IDs pick up the “right message” and then act upon this received message.

The R-BLOCK program is shown below


And the Micro Python equivalent program is shown below (using a new Library pyrb)