Pleurobot: Salamander Biomimicry Robot

Hey everyone,

Another project to share- this time we have an awesome biomimicry project coming out of EPFL Biorobotics Laboratory in Switzerland! This robot is named “Pleurobot” and designed to help researchers learn more about the gait of similar animals- mainly the salamander. Check out Pleurobot below:

Using the information from Pleurobot, researchers were able to make interesting observations about the gaits and transitioning between terrains. Watching Pleurobot smoothly begin walking out of shallow water, or nimbly begin swimming once it’s submerged makes it almost easy to forget this is a robot!

For more information about Pleurobot, and the laboratory behind the study, visit their site at: Biorobotics Laboratory ‐ EPFL

Let us know what you think of this project! What animals are you most interested in recreating with robotics?