Problem Dynamixel Servo XL320

How do I recover a Dynamixel XL320 servo that is not detected during recovery? but when the source is given the LED turns on and then turns off without any problems due to the condition of the LED

What kind of hardware do you have on hands? U2D2? OpenCM904? Or Arduino board? Or other controller types?

Also it may take you 3-4 times with the recovery process via Dynamixel Wizard 2 to actually get that process done.

the one I’m currently using is U2D2

Try several times more with the recovery process.

This has been done but it still cannot be detected

How do you power off and on the XL-320? Via the DXL cable?

via the circuit board and battery project then connected to the U2D2 and XL320 servo

That could be the problem then. The XL-320 has two DXL connectors. One should stay connected to the U2D2 at all times. The other should be connected to a power source. When the Wizard asks you to reset power just unplug/replug the DXL cable going to the power source (either at the XL-320 or at the PS connector). It just takes the PS too long to come back up if you actually turned it off, then the Wizard times out.