Project: Manipulator with MoveIt!

This project is control the manipulator with MoveIt!

I tried apply to MoveIt pkg to the manipulator. This attempt was half the success.

I succeeded in controlling the manipulator, but moving is not smooth. :confounded:

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Could you show me steps to control a real robot with moveit? what is the workflow for this? I have been struggling to control it for along time. Thank you!

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Sir you have Arduino based Robotic Arm /Industrial Arm ? if you have Arduino based Robotic arm with Hobbyist servo motors and want to control with Moveit then i will help you . if you have Industrial Arms and want to control with Moveit . I will prefer you to look at ROS industrial website .

my robot is controlled by a Raspberry-Pi. I have used Ros to control server MG966 already, now when I interact the arm in MoveIt, specifically, I run moveit_plainning_execution.launch and nothing happen. I know that I have to publish a goal to ActionServer, but this step is still unclear.
Could you explain the workflow what I need to do? Could you share your source code???

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Sir i did this project with Arduino and for that i write a Arduino node which Subscribe the Move_group which publish the angles and then send that Angeles to the Arduino which helps you to rotate the servo motor based on desired Angles .

What kind of servo do you use? Is that Dynamixel series? I am using MG966???

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sir can you share your project details

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i Also used MG995 and MG996R motors with Additional Potentiometer, Which are alredy inbuilt in Motors.

I can Share details just ask me what you need to ask .