Raspberry Pi Image setup for ROS2 Humble


I am having issues installing ROS2 Humble in the Raspi. I have been following the instructions present in https://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/platform/turtlebot3/sbc_setup/#sbc-setup. When i worked on installing ROS2 Humble, I kept running into error where the corresponding package ROS2 package was not found.

When i looked at the issue the Ubuntu 22.04 server is running on ARMhf instead of ARMv8 or amd64. Is there a fix for this or am I missing a step?

Thank you

An example of encountering this issue involves installing Humble on a RPi 4 for a Burger. My chosen ROS distribution is Humble because it is current and has a long life.

I was going along path at 3.2 SBC Setup in your e-Manual. Step 12 section 3.2.4 (Configure the Raspberry Pi) says "Install ROS2 Humble Hasksbill. This step redirects me to Installation Ubuntu (Debian packages).

Installation goes well until I hit the “Install ROS 2 packages” step.

$ sudo apt install ros-humble-desktop
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    E: Unable to locate package ros-humble-desktop

I found the following in trouble ticket
unable to locate package ros-humble-desktop ubuntu 22.04. It says

“The screenshot shows you’re running 22.04 on an ARMhf platform.
Only Ubuntu on ARMv8 gets .deb packages (ie: packages you can install using apt). ARMhf (or arm32) users need to build ROS 2 from source.
See also REP 2000: ROS 2 Releases and Target Platforms: Humble Hawksbill (May 2022 - May 2027) (ARMv8 is called arm64 in that document).”


“So it turns out since I have an older version of the ras pi 4, armhf, I will need to re flash the sd card for ubuntu 20.04 and try ros noetic. I appreciate you looking into this though”

I’m contemplating following the instructions at
Ubuntu (source).
I’m just being cautious because I don’t understand the ubuntu system well enough. It would be helpful to have Robotis specific instructions about how to correct this problem. Given that Humble Hawkksbill on top of 22.04 is an attractive choice, it will help to have instructions that keep me out of trouble.