Reachy by Pollen Robotics - Humanoid Interactive Robot!

Reachy by Pollen Robotics is a fantastic example of an interactive humanoid robot! Pollen Robotics ( currently manufactures and sells Reachy for research, education, and interactive applications.

One of the real strengths of Reachy’s design is the approachable, friendly exterior which keeps it firmly in the realm of “robots” while appearing human-enough to interact with people. A common term is “uncanny valley” which describes the feeling of a close, but imperfect humanoid impression that causes more discomfort than closeness.

As a fun excercise, Pollen Robotics even released 3D models of Reachy for fans to put Reachy into their favorite photos and scenes- check them out here!

Having a robot like Reachy with a recognizable, friendly character does a lot to make the technology seem accessible and everyday! Starting at 6,990 euros, Reachy is definitely a substantial investment, but who can put a price on having your own “big” robot pal?

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