Recreating the walk of a fossilized dino with robotics!

I wanted to share this quick video- it’s from a group discussing how they were able to use robotic hardware to assist in a paleontology study of a fossil set.

Based on the video, scientists were able to use robotic hardware to recreate the most likely walks of a long-extinct creature, and even 3D print realistic bones and linkages between them!

Videos like this make me passionate about the new possibilities we’ll see as more novel technologies continue to advance- 3D printing is one of the most potentially-revolutionary production technologies to become available in modern history in my opinion, and the lowered cost of these machines and robot hardware means we may see even more home-brewed robots and studies like this, using the technologies in newer and fascinating ways!

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Let me know what you think of the study here! If anyone knows more about this group, feel free to share a link!

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