Robot Te: Open Source Robot Arm + Controller Using Adafruit Feather & Arduino 101!

Hey roboticists,

While browsing for some new project ideas, I came across this awesome walkthrough on the Arduino Project Hub- “Robot Te” that I thought would be perfect to share here.

Robot Te uses DYNAMIXEL AX-12A, DYNAMIXEL Shield, ESP32, and Adafruit Feather boards to create a wirelessly-controlled robot arm and physical remote that can be configured into multiple different layouts!

The creator Vistelilabs did a fantastic job documenting the code and configurations possible using the Adafruit boards, and even shows DYNAMIXEL Shield used with the newer Arduino 101, which adds possibilities for native Bluetooth communication and allows the wireless control of the robot arm here!

clash royale car GIF by Clasharama

It’s always exciting to see new and unique combinations of existing technologies- especially when their form factor allows backwards compatibility like the Arduino Uno vs. Arduino 101. What are your favorite updated Arduino boards, and what do you think of this project? Let’s discuss here!