Robotis bioloid premium 배터리 교체

robotis bioloid premium 오랜만에 꺼내서 쓰는데 에 쓰이는 배터리가 윗면이 조금 뭉툭해요. 부풀어오른것 처럼요. 충전을 해도 충전이 안되는것 같은게 로봇이 작동하지를 안아요. 배터리를 새로 사야되나요? 배터리를 충전할때 어떻게 확인하나요? 산다면 어떤 제품명으로 사야되죠?

Does your battery look something like the top one in this image? If so, then the battery is no longer safe to use and should be disposed of.

Lithium Polymer batteries like that used in the Bioloid Premium swell up and expand when they have been damaged or gotten very old, and once this happens they are much more likely to start fires and become very dangerous to use.

The replacement battery for the Bioloid system is the LB-010.

ROBOTIS has produced an instructional video containing tips on how to safely maintain your batteries, that may be helpful in preventing issues like this in the future.

does that same battery LB-010 compatible with the robots bioloid premium product? Thank you for answering.

The LB-010 is correct to use for the Bioloid Premium.