Robots for KIDS

Our society is growing into a more technological era as technology is rapidly advancing. I want to engage with our community on options that they might not be aware of when it comes to introductory robotics.

Often times the concept of building a robot may seem overwhelming and complex, but our K12 products have been used and loved by schools around the world with amazing feedback. Robotics can reward a young mind with a sense of vast accomplishment but first they must challenge themselves to have a goal in mind. Along with this, they can learn the basic principles of science, movement, speed, and leverage. The assembly process will create brain stimulation, increasing concentration, along with space perception. All of our Dream and Play sets also promote creativity, as there are multiple different robots one can build with just one set.

For our Edutainment (Education & Entertainment) products, Robotis offers a comprehensive and systematic pipeline for the K12 market and continue that pipeline onto the University / Industry sector, eventually leading to STEM Career Pathways where they can directly apply their skills learned during their K12 Education. In addition, ROBOTIS offers various mobile applications and software (coding) to complement the majority of our educational kits along with a complete curriculum workbook & lesson plans for a fully engaged and hands-on robotics session.[ROBOTIS DREAM II]

Robotis DREAM II
ROBOTIS Dream II How Does it Work?

Please leave any feedback/experiences/comments or questions you may have and our team will be happy to assist you.