Saving PID constant values

ROBOTIS Software

Dynamixel Wizard and the DynamixelSDK for Csharp

Control Environment

Using the XL330-M288-T motors with a U2D2 on a windows device. Testing new features on the wizard and then writing code on Csharp.

Software Description

I am tuning the PID values and i want to save them, the RAM area clears every boot

Issue Description

I am tuning the PID control parameters when the XL330-M288-T is loaded. I get the values and write them to the PID values in the wizard. Is there a way to hard code them rather than writing them at every boot

The restoration of PID control values is governed by the Startup Configuration control table item, which enables the restoration of a selection of control table items.

i did try that but it does not save those values when i hit reboot

Following these instructions on the eManual, are all of the control table items restored successfully? This can rule out any issues with the backup and restoration functionality.

i have tried that process as well as factory reset the motors . the saving EEPROM works but saving ram does not