Skyguage Robotics | DYNAMIXEL Use Case Highlight: Storage Tank Inspection

Partner Spotlight on Skyguage Robotics. Fascinating use-case scenario of DYNAMIXEL X-Series smart actuators for innovative drone technology applications.

“Storage tanks globally need inspection. Current methods put workers a risk and at a great cost. That’s why we invented Skyguage.” -Skyguage Robotics

• Remotely operated
• Accurate measurements on corroded surfaces
• Get live thickness data
• Validate UT readings
• Rapid battery and couplant replacement
• Perform your inspections faster
• Protect your workforce

Get accurate ultrasonic thickness readings for compliance with API 653 and EEMUA 159 tank standards. Learn more at

All credit goes to Skyguage Robotics


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Dynamixel X series is supported PixHawk, a typical drone controller, and OSS ardupilot.