SnapBot - Reconfigurable Legged Robot with Adaptive Structure [Paper]

Hey everyone, I’d like to share a paper written on one of my personal favorite projects implementing DYNAMIXEL- SnapBot - published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

SnapBot is a reconfigurable robot designed to adapt in real-time to the number of currently-installed servos, and makes use of a novel quick-connection system to instantly connect, power, identify and activate new servos! SnapBot is shown using DYNAMIXEL X-series, and shows the extent of what a creative design can add to the functionality of a robot.

How many legs is too many, anyway? Tell us what you think!

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I was informed Professor Joohyung Kim (from KIMLAB @ UIUC) will be sharing more exciting content (Open Source) for our community before the end of 2021 so anyone can build, duplicate, and modify. I found his video here: